Transforming Dreams into Reality: Gurukripa Career Institute’s Path to Success

In the rat race of academic supremacy, proper mentoring can work like magic alone. For every doctor and engineer aspirant, Gurukripa Career Institute stands as the beacon hope and success. Known for its coveted coaching programs about IIT JEE and NEET, this institute has already created a niche in the learning and education world. So let’s see what actually makes Gurukripa Career Institute a favorite for students all over the country. Gurukripa Career Institute known as GCI.

Gurukripa Campus in Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-1, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-2, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-3, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-4, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-5, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-6, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-7, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Career InstituteAdmission Block G-8, Nawalgarh Road, Sikar
Gurukripa Block G-8, Nawalgarh Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-9, Nawalgarh Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-10, Piprali Road, Sikar

Gurukripa Block G-11, Near Piprali Circle, Sikar

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded with a mission of empowering students, Gurukripa Career Institute has been delivering excellent results since its inception. Being the hub for producing top rankers in both IIT JEE and NEET, today, the institute stands as a leader in coaching. Committed to academic excellence and personalized ways of teaching, the institute ensures every student transferred to their care receives an experience that’s best in every respect.

Comprehensive Coaching Programs

At Gurukripa Career Institute It is one of the best coaching institutes in Indore for NEET and IIT JEE. Thus, programs have been designed keeping in mind all the diverse needs of students, be it the rigorous syllabus of IIT JEE or vast curriculum of NEET. Courses are well thought of extensively planned and executed. Following are the Programs offered:

Intensive Classroom Program: It is those Intensive classroom programs covering the entire spectrum of the syllabus, which helps in developing in-depth knowledge, grasp, and understanding of each subject.
Highly experienced and qualified teachers, subject matter experts
Regular Assessments: Tests and mock exams conducted at regular intervals to assess student progress in the correct direction.
Personalized Attention: Considering the batch size, every student is given personal attention and Guidance.

Gurukripa’s Scholarship Tests

Very well aware of the financial burden most students come under, scholarships are provided in Gurukripa Career Institute either through GSAT, the Gurukripa Scholarship Aptitude Test, or GNAT, the Gurukripa National Aptitude Test. These scholarships help in providing quality education to the meritorious students who want to make a difference, but something which is not possible due to their financial background.

GSAT (Gurukripa Scholarship Aptitude Test)
The GSAT is a test which is based on scholarship and aims at identifying and rewarding the academically talented students of CBSE, ICSE, and all State Boards. It is an aptitude test assessing knowledge of different subjects of the student and thereby helps to make their abilities monetizing benefits by providing a scholarship in tuition fee in return.

How to Apply? Go to and register
All Board, All Stream students can apply.
Benefit: The significant amount of tuition fees as the scholarship (upto 90%), which makes the education more lucrative.

GNAT (Gurukripa National Aptitude Test)
GNAT is another addition to the list of scholarship programs, which are focused on rewarding talent at the national level. This test is aimed at knowing the all-over aptitude of the student while offering major scholarships to performers.

How to Apply? Go to and register
 Students all over India can apply.
Benefits: The scholarships (upto 90%) offered are quite generous and, hence reduce the burden of the family towards huge expenses in educating their wards.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Gurukripa Career Institute takes proper care to keep its teaching methods updated. Technological use in education may be summed up as:

Digital Classrooms: state-of-the-art technology has been installed to provide an interactive learning environment in all the classrooms.
Online Resources: it offers huge data base of study materials, video lectures and Practice tests etc., which are made accessible to the students at any place at any time.
Doubt Clearing Sessions: Systematic sessions of doubt clearing has been held for the students to remove their doubts with respect to complex topics.

Gurukripa Admission Portal:

Success Stories of the Student

The real measure of success for Gurukripa Career Institute is the accomplishment of its students; hundreds of its students crack the IIT JEE and NEET and get enrolled in highly-rated institutes almost every year. These examples speak volumes about the relentless efforts made by the institute for the success of the students.

Why Choose Gurukripa Career Institute?
Proven Results: High success rates in competitive exams have been consistent.
Expert Guidance: Students are provided with the guidance of adequately trained educators why are competent in producing successful students.
Comprehensive Support: It ranges from study materials to mental health support, everything is provided on a platter to the student.
Community and Culture: They are a motivated team building society that starts with giving them the right support to achieve excellence.

Gurukripa’s Fee Chart and Tuition Fee (10th & 12th Board Based)

Well aware of the financial burdens most students face today, Gurukripa Career Institute has introduced scholarships for meritorious students from CBSE, ICSE, and all State Boards. Through this, the institute wishes to make quality education available to all, so that no talented student remains deprived due to financials queeze. Merit-cum-poverty-based scholarship programs provide substantial financial assistance to such students.

Gurukripa’s Fee Chart and Tuition Fee (NEET Score Based)

Gurukripa’s Fee Chart and Tuition Fee (JEE Advance Score Based)

Please check Gurukripa Career Institute Page for details regarding fees structure.


Gurukripa Career Institute is much more than a coaching center; rather, it is a cradle to nurture engineers and doctors of the future. It has covered all kinds of programs and with modern and innovative teaching techniques and a legacy of glittering success, this institute has kept on changing the dreams of thousands of students into reality. If somebody wants to crack the IIT JEE or NEET, Gurukripa Career Institute is where he should be seeking it because it provides the exact form of guidance, support, and inspiration needed to Achieve Big in Life.

Established with sunrise of 21st century, in the year 2007, Gurukripa Career Institute offers its’ counseling, guidance and coaching facilities to achieve your aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Gurukripa Career Institute

General Info

Q1: What is Gurukripa Career Institute?
A: Gurukripa Career Institute is one of the best coaching institutes in Sikar, Rajasthan, that is engaged in the coaching of IIT JEE and NEET examinations.

Q2: Where is it?
A: The blocks of this institute are located on Piprali Road & Nawalgarh Road, Sikar including G-1 to G-11.

Program and Courses

Q3: What courses are available?
A: It offers comprehensive syllabus coverage, regular assessments and personalized guidance through classroom programs for IIT JEE and NEET courses.

Q4: What is the Intensive Classroom Program?
A: The intensive classroom program covers all the syllabi comprehensively with experienced teachers, regular tests and personalized guidance.


Q5: Does the institute offer any scholarship?
A: Yes, it does offer scholarships. Scholarships up to 90% tuition fee waiver are available based on GSAT and GNAT.

Q6: How can students apply for Scholarships?
A : Register for GSAT at and for GNAT at


Q7: What is the fee structure?
A : Fees vary based on merit and scores. Detailed fee charts are based on board exam percentages and scores-based slabs.

Q8: Are there fee waivers on the basis of board exam results?
A : Yes, fee waivers are given on the basis of board exam percentages which bring down the tuition fees substantially for high scorers.

Teaching Methods

Q9: What are the teaching methods?
A: The institute ensures an interactive learning experience with the help of Physical classrooms, resources, and periodic doubt-clearing sessions.

Success Stories

Q10: What are the success rates?
A: Creating top rankers in IIT JEE and NEET exam, as well as sending a large number of students to institutions of reputed excellence.

Additional Support

Q11: Does the institute provide Mental Health Support?
A: Yes, complete mental health support will also be provided for overall well-being. Helpline: +918875124365

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